Our Mission

We aim to inspire Gen Z contributions towards effective solutions for climate change, sustainable development, and quality of education worldwide.

Our strategic priorities up to 2020 are:
  • Educating Gen Z on sustainable development
  • Running strategic campaigns to raise awareness on global distasters
  • Creating local campus/highscool chapters for grassroot impact
  • Recruiting the best and most informed Gen Z to help lead change
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We are LearnBlue!

The LearnBlue community and causes thrives on volunteers and DONORs to reach the most remote Gen Z groups for impact, hence we are constantly recruiting volunteers and will be accepting donations soon.

If you don’t understand how fast and easy it is to join Learn Blue, please visit the contact us page or click on the volunteer button bellow.

Learn Blue ambassadors are a Global community of Gen Z activist who have taken the charge to solve world issues. If you want, you can contribute too!

Join Us as a Volunteer

Staff Member, Chapter and Regional Leads, or advocate for sustainable development in your city.

Sponsor our campaigns

For just small amounts you could help sponsor outreach campaigns spreading awareness of sustainable development, your donations are tax deductible yet.

Catch us on social media!

Here’s where it all goes down literally! We make the most impact online, were Gen Z lives!

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